Nursing Services 

Caring Hand You Can Trust

At HomeCare we carefully choose our staff and make sure they are trained and qualified for the job. We provide both carers and nurses, fully dedicated and professional, able to adapt to different types of work.

Our team of nurses and carers will assist patients at their home and develop a care plan based on the individual physical, psychological and social needs. We will ensure that the patient receives an efficient, effective and reliable service.

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live in care

Live-in carer

With age, daily activities might become challenging and often, there is no one to help with them throughout the day.

To address those needs, HomeCare provides carers and nurses ready to support the person and ensure carrying and dedicated assistance.


Hospitals & Clinics

Our team is made of professional nurses and carers, fully qualified to support hospitals and clinics short on staff. 

We are fully confident in our employees and guarantee they will deliver highest-quality service whatever they are entrusted with.


Rest Homes

Nurses and caring assistants in rest homes should not only provide a professional care but also dedicated and warm service. 

It’s very important to make residents feel like home and ensure they are feeling taken care of. Our trained team will make sure all your patients will receive warm and professional care.



Regardless if it’s a governmental or public school, we can provide qualified nurses to assists with any special needs such as general vaccinations. 

Our staff is made of professionals, trained for working with kids.



Need to outsource extra staff for any special event? With HomeCare you can do it hassle-free and in a timely manner. 

We will handpick nurses and carers, whom qualifications and skills are best matching your needs to make sure your event is a success.

palliative care

Convalescent & palliative care

In times of need for special care or attention, HomeCare is dedicated to provide caring and compassionate support, adjusted to any requirements. 

Our qualified nurses and carers will make sure all patient’s needs are fulfilled and they feel supported and taken care of.

In need of a helpful hand?

Give us a call and our trusted specialist will be there within 24 hours!

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Benefits of Active Lifestyle


Say No to Diabetes

Say yes to small changes in your life and forget about diabetes! Researchers discovered a 71% decrease in diabetes among high-risk people at the age 60 and older after becoming more active and eating healthier.


Sleep Better

Sleeping can become harder and harder for older people, but there is a simple way to improve it. Even moderate exercise can help older people to fall asleep quicker and improves the quality and duration of sleep.


Keep Your Balance in Check

Broken bones at certain age can be very dangerous. However, studies show that exercises improving balance can reduce falls among elderly by 33%. Fun activities and no more painful falls, a simple win-win.