Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services

HomeCare provides qualified maids & cleaners for hotels, restaurants, offices and private clients. 

Our staff provides efficient service carried out in a timely manner to meet your private and business needs.

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Office & Industrial cleaning

Let us help you keep your office and premises spotless! 

Our team of professional cleaners will make sure that no area is left unattended and everything is shining! 

We provide tailor-made planes adjusted to all your needs.


After-Events cleaning

Need extra staff to help you clean after an event? With HomeCare services you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Our qualified team will take care of cleaning, washing and putting everything back to place in no time!

 Tailor-made home cleaning

Tailor-made home cleaning

Don’t have time or energy to keep your house tidy? Give us a call and our cleaners can take care of it for you. 

Our staff is carefully chosen and made of qualified and trusted employees ready to make your home fresh and clean!


Boat cleaning

Every boat owner knows cleaning the vessel can be challenging and requires special products and care.

HomeCare services will clean & maintain your boat to the highest standard and make sure it is ready to take on a trip.


Solar panel cleaning

Solar panels are a great way to produce energy in eco-friendly way. But to give their full capacity, panels need to be properly maintained and cleaned regularly. 

Because of its location and size, they are not the easiest to clean, hence, we provide professionals who can do it for you.


Aircraft cleaning

To ensure pleasant travel and comfort of passengers, aircrafts should be clean and well maintained.

With our qualified cleaners and professional equipment we can efficiently clean any aircraft.


Pool & pool area cleaning

Days by the water is an essence of Maltese summer. However, there isn’t always time to make sure the pool is clean and properly taken care of. 

With HomeCare pool cleaning service all you need to worry about when you have time to jump in, we will take care of the rest.

power washing

Power washing & scrubbing floors

For certain offices & industrial spaces the best way to get rid of stubborn stains is power washing or scrubbing of floors. 

At HomeCare we are fully equipped and our professional staff knows how to quickly and efficiently handle even the dirtiest surfaces.


Fire & water damage cleaning

In unexpected events of fire or water damage, the stress and pressure can be overwhelming.

To help you process this challenging event, HomeCare provides comprehensive service of thorough cleaning and containing the damage as much as possible.

Take Care of The Future of Our Planet with Us!

At HomeCare We Use Only 

Eco-Friendly Products!

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Your microwave looks a bit unsanitary with leftovers of too many food explosions? 

Fill heat-proof cup with water and microwave it on a high setting for a minute. The steam will loosen any stuck food and make it easy to wipe!

copping board


Chopping board is usually used for all kind of products, from fruits and veggies to meat and fish. 

No wonder it can constantly look dirty and have specific smell. To clean it efficiently use lemons, which are perfect for removing stains and smells. If it’s not working add baking soda and repeat.



Putting your hand into a bowl full of blades is not the safest task. Instead, fill your blender with warm water and add some baking soda and dish soap. 

Pulse it for few seconds and rinse under water. Congrats, now your blender looks like brand new!

Professional Hospitality Services

In need for extra staff for your event? Or maybe you need help for busier season? 

At HomeCare we can provide you with trained staff to solve your problems. We make sure that each member of our team is not only qualified but also well-mannered and can handle different tasks efficiently.

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private event


Big or small, HomeCare Services can make your event complete with our trained team of waiters. We can help you with various types of events and tasks to complete so you can focus on your core work.



Catering business requires certain level of flexibility. It’s hard to predict when will be the next event, not mentioning the size of it. To cover any extra needs for help, HomeCare provides qualified staff whenever you need it.



We provide trained and well-mannered staff to fill any gaps during high season or any urgent needs. We carefully choose our employees and make sure that they are hard-working and motivated to ensure high standard of provided service.

Make Your Service & Event Memorable  

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